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yummy....quizes involving orlando bloom....

amelia...i thot i'd get your community going... <3

I got Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom

Who Is Your British Sex God
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Orlando Bloooom.

Which Orlando Bloom will you marry?
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OOOO! Preety legolas! he would gaurd you with his
life if need be. this sexy mirkwood elf is
every girls dream (esspecially you). if only he
was real... *sigh*

Which Orlando Bloom is perfect for u?
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You like Orlando as a pirate. His hair is a little
bit longer than usual. Some people dont care
for it and call it the "trucker
look". Its not so bad if its not greasy.
For one thing he is one sexy pirate (or

Who is your Favorite Orlando
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Orlando Bloom: you like them dead sexy, with an
orgasmic accent and looks. *drool*

Which guy are you destined to have sex with?
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Playful Orlando

What Orlando Bloom are You?
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